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Thread for stud dogs

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Posted 18 August 2006 - 03:51 PM

Hi – I am interested to know peoples views on certain stud dogs. Peoples views (good/bad) differ based on their personal experiences and how the offspring turned out. The mum obviously plays a large part and you have to match the stud dog as you think is appropriate. The stud dog for me does add the final crucial 10-20% and the difference it could make could be the difference between a champion and an also ran.

If you have never bred a litter you may have bought one of the pups? Any friends had any problems or successes with them ?

Here are some things that you might like to comment on plus whatever else you think is relevant -

1) Temperament – calm or hyper / mad or intelligent.
2) Do they chase easily or do you have to put some real effort in.
3) How genuine do they chase (had lots of non chasers ?)
4) Size of offspring – small or leggy or built like a tank !
5) Prone to injuries
6) How successful were the litter / dog.

Finally the big question – if you had the right brood would you use this stud dog again ?

I'm less interested in the price and I have picked out several stud dogs to set the ball rolling that are still alive today – I have picked out commercial proven stud dogs with many matings that most of us will have had experience of and also a few up and coming ones. What are your thoughts on them? Feel free to comment on other sires not listed.

Honcho Classic
Droopys Vieri
Droopys Kewell
Toms The Best
Top Honcho
Spiral Nikita
Hondo Black
Premier Fantasy
Brett Lee
Top Savings
Velvet Commander

Did they manage to stay the demaning 515 at Hove or were they short runners (at whatever track).


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#2 James

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 03:04 PM

for me it would have to be Top Honcho VERY closely followed by vieri and hondo black

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Posted 29 August 2006 - 09:56 AM

Having Bred for myself or for owners who have dogs here - some 30+ litters now, will give you my humble opinion on the pups / saplings we have had here out of the said Stud Dogs.

Top Honcho - Nice pups, bitches average size - 25-26kgs, dogs big and strong 31-35kgs, most quite hyper when rearing, love to chase and have a bit of fire in their bellies.

Honcho Classic - normally blue!, fire in bellies, noisy most of the day!, keen as mustard and normally big and leggy.

Droopys Vieri - we have had different types - 2 litters have been fantastic size - 34kgs+ for dogs, bitches 26kgs - 29kgs, some can be hard to get going I have been told (not experienced this ourselves), but once they get going they are as keen as anything. One litter was small in size dogs small and bitches on a par - spoke with Micheal Dunphy and he said that there was no way of telling as they have bred small size and large size pups out of Vieri. (I like his pups and dogs a lot, some of the best we have bred / reared).

Droopys Kewell - pups are normally small to start with, grow in fits and starts but shoot on from 10-13 months, most finish up around the 68-72lb mark for dogs - bitches can be small though. 1 litter was very placid whilst the other 2 have some fire in their bellies.

Hondo Black - pups were a nice size when born, leggy and look the part at 12-14 weeks, developed into nice strong pups, still on the leggy side though. Classy looking though when seen in the fields.

Premier Fantasy - Pups were superb from birth, looked the part, no problems with them and have grown into tanks(get this from the dam), good temperament and cannot praise them enough.

Top Savings - pups were a good size, good temperament, but a little non descript as all black and all looked very similar.

Crash - pups small at birth, caught up at 10-12 weeks old, lively and full of themselves, would caution about using him if the bitch is small - he was only 30kgs himself.

Larkhill Jo - lovely calm placid pups, superb temperament, grown into big strong pups in great proportion. Again one of my favourite litters for looks and temperament. Easy to get going and mad keen.

Come on Lleyton - pups average size when born, grow in fits and starts, bitches can be sods and wind dogs up, not over big, will make 30-31 kgs for dogs, bitches - 26kgs - some of his best open racers range from 28.1kgs upwards.

Great Lark - 2 litters of pups are fantastic looking, big strong, lively and good feeders, strong boned and wouldn't hesitate to use him on our own bitches.

Climate Control - Pups we had here were big and strong, bit to much fire in bellies on some occasions but mad keen from an early age.

Droopys Woods - Pups were not as big as brother vieris pups, slower coming to hand and prefer Vieri over him.

Spiral Nikita - reputation seems to suggest that they are smaller pups and dogs, great brood bitches.

Go Wild Teddy - lovely pups, leggy and fine looking, intelligent and normally have fantastic early pace.

Teds Jo - 1 litter we had here were superb, huge dogs and bitches from an average size bitch, look like they will have lots of early but might not stay further than 480m (525yds).

Jays Honcho - unproven stud dog but produced decent enough dogs on the track from our brood, top grade and good grade around the country. Small bitches and average size dogs (we got them back at 6 months so didn't whelp or rear them till then).

The above is our thoughts on the litters / dogs we have had here and might not be the same experiences as everyone else.

Hope this helps, but if you want any more info, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fiddlers Rest Kennels

Sorry forgot Fortune Mike

His pups were mad, fire in bellies and would chase leaves down the paddocks and in the fields, turned out fine strong bitches - 27.5 & 28.5kgs, no problems on the track and genuine and honest. Stay the 515m at Hove from the 2 we have sent over to the UK.

Fiddlers Rest

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Posted 29 August 2006 - 11:05 AM

Brilliant thanks for that Kevin that’s exactly the type of thing I was after. Come on everyone please post any experiences you may have had.